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About the Erlang Library for Excel

Welcome to the help system for Abstract Micro Systems' Erlang Library for Excel.

Since its first release in 2008, Erlang Library for Excel has been the tool of choice for telecom professionals who need to peform Erlang calculations in Excel.  Help us to continue improving the product: email us your comments and questions.


About the Erlang Library for Excel
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Erlang Toolbar
  C Calculator
  SL Calculator
  W Calculator

Erlang Worksheet Functions reference
  About the Erlang Worksheet Functions
  Getting Help on the Erlang Worksheet Functions
  ErlbBlockage( nsrv, trafficInErlangs)
  ErlbNsrvFromBlockage( blockageFraction, trafficInErlangs)
  ErlbTrafFromBlockage( blockageFraction, nsrv)
  ErlcFractionDelayed(nsrv, trafficInErlangs)
  ErlcFractionOk( nsrv, trafficInErlangs, ahtSeconds, okWaitSeconds)
  ErlcNsrvFromFractionOk( trafficInErlangs, ahtSeconds, okWaitSeconds, fractionOk)
  ErlcNsrvFromFractionOk5( secondsPerPeriod, callsPerPeriod, ahtSeconds, okWaitSeconds, fractionOk)
  ErlcNsrvFromWait( trafficInErlangs, ahtSeconds, averageWaitSeconds)
  ErlcNsrvFromWait4( secondsPerPeriod, callsPerPeriod, ahtSeconds, averageWaitSeconds)
  ErlcNwaiting( nsrv, trafficInErlangs)
  ErlcNwaiting4( nsrv, secondsPerPeriod, callsPerPeriod, ahtSeconds)
  ErlcTrafFromFractionOk(nsrv, ahtSeconds, okWaitSeconds, fractionOk)
  ErlcTrafFromWait( nsrv, ahtSeconds, averageWaitSeconds)
  ErlcWait( nsrv, trafficInErlangs, ahtSeconds)
  ErlcWait4( nsrv, secondsPerPeriod, callsPerPeriod, ahtSeconds)

Erlang Queueing Models
  About Erlang Queueing Models
  Erlang B Queueing Model
  Erlang C Queueing Model

About Abstract Micro Systems

What is the Erlang Library for Excel?

The Erlang Library for Excel is an Excel Add-In file named A_Erlang.xla.  The Add-In augments the power of Microsoft Excel with additional functionality useful to call center administrators and other telecom professionals.  The additional functionality consists of Erlang calculators, and Erlang worksheet functions that you can use from within Excel.  You install the Add-In by using the Excel's Manage Add-Ins dialog. 

Erlang Calculators

After installing the Erlang Library for Excel, a new custom toolbar appears in your Excel workbook windows: the Erlang Toolbar.  There are four buttons on the Erlang Toolbar, labeled "C", "SL", and "W".  You use the C, SL, and W buttons to launch small Windows forms called the C Calculator, the SL Calculator, and the W Calculator, respectively.  You use these calculators to perform common calculations related to the staffing and performance of call centers.  You use the "?" button to open the help system.

Erlang Worksheet Functions

Although the Erlang calculators are often helpful, most users will make more frequent use of the Erlang Library's worksheet functions that you can use in any Excel workbook to perform calculations with Erlang functions.  These functions are used in exactly the same way as Excel's built-in worksheet functions such as EXP() or ABS().

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