Erlang Library for Excel

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End User License (EULA)

There is no charge for using the Erlang Library for Excel.  However, this product is neither public domain, nor freeware, nor shareware, nor open-source.  Before installing or using the Erlang Library for Excel you must agree to the following End User License Agreement (EULA).  By installing the software, you indicate your agreement to all the terms of this EULA.

1. Definitions:

a. "The Software" means the Erlang Library for Excel, including all associated files supplied by Abstract Micro Systems such as Excel Add-In files, help system files, documentation files, and installation files.

b. The term “You” refers to the one person who will use the Software under the terms of this license.

c. “Use the Software” means to carry out any action that causes execution of program code supplied by Abstract Micro Systems as part of the Software.  Such actions include but may not limited to
    i.) installing A_Erlang.xla as an Excel Add-In, or opening that file within Excel,
    ii) using one of the Erlang Calculators to perform a calculation, and
    iii) using one of the Erlang worksheet functions in an Excel workbook.

2. The Software is proprietary to Abstract Micro Systems, who grants you a license to install the Software on any number of computers for your own use.  Only you, the licensed user, may Use the Software.

3. You may use the Software on your computer for any purpose that is not prohibited in this EULA. In particular, commercial use of the Software is permitted, unless it is a type of use which is prohibited in this EULA, such as distributing the Software to other persons (see below).

4. You agree not to give, lend, rent, lease, or distribute the Software or any part of the Software to any person. 

5. You agree not to make the Software or any part of the Software available for download on any private or public website or network.

6. You agree not to copy the Software except for backup purposes.

7. You agree not to alter the Software, reverse engineer it, or use it to create derivative works.

There is no warranty for the Software.  Abstract Micro Systems provides the Software “as is” without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied, including, but not limited to, implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.

Under no circumstances will Abstract Micro Systems be liable to you for damages, including any general, special, incidental or consequential damages arising out of the use or inability to use the Software, including but not limited to loss of data or losses sustained by you or third parties or a failure of the Software to operate with other programs.

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