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Erlang Library for Excel

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A free download!  If you need to make calculations for your call center using Erlang B or Erlang C, then you need Erlang Library for Excel.  It's an Excel Add-In that makes Erlang functions available in your Excel workbooks.  You use these functions just as you use Excel's built-in functions.  (Download problems?  See below.)


System Requirements:

Version History

Click here to learn—what is the current version of Erlang Library for Excel?  When were earlier versions released?


Download problems?

Some Internet Explorer users experience difficulty downloading the Erlang Library for Excel ZIP file.  Symptoms are: missing, truncated, or corrupt ZIP file. 

Microsoft has acknowledged that Internet Explorer has issues with ZIP file downloads. Therefore, try using one of the following browsers for the download: Firefox, Google Chrome, or Apple Safari.  If using another browser is not an option, then the following procecure may work: (1) delete Internet Explorer's cache of temporary Internet files, and then (2) try the download with Internet Explorer again.

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