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About Abstract Micro Systems

Abstract Micro Systems, founded in 2008, is a software company in Nashville, Tennessee.  Its main product is the Contact Routing Simulator, a call center simulation system.  The company also owns a general purpose event simulation engine which it uses as a framework for developing specialized simulation programs tailored to specific applications for consulting clients.  In addition, Abstract Micro Systems makes available to call center professionals a free Excel Add-In, the Erlang Library for Excel.

The founder and president of Abstract Micro Systems is Tom Potter, a Ph.D. mathematician who worked at Carrefour Research, Aspect Communications, TCS Management Group, and Telco Research before founding Abstract Micro Systems.  During the years 2002-2007, while at Carrefour Research, he wrote the Contact Routing Simulator.

About Contact Routing Simulator

Contact Routing Simulator is the premiere tool for understanding the operation of a call center.  Contact Routing Simulator computes what service quality and agent utilization to expect if you have a specified number of agents available in each agent group during various periods of the day, while having a specified number of calls of various call types arriving during each of these periods, and while routing the calls by means of a specified set of routing rules.  You get the incredible benefit of trying out changes in staffing and routing in a simulated world inside your computer before committing these changes to the actual operation of your call center.

Because of the simulator's high speed of computation, you can model very large call centers without difficulty. 

Best of all, the underlying simulation engine uses Microsoft Excel as its front end user interface!  So you enter your inputs and view your outputs in a program that you already know how to use, and in a program that is wondrously rich in data manipulation and graphics capabilities.

Contact Routing Simulator is available exclusively through Abstract Micro Systems.  Find out more.

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