Erlang Library for Excel

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Version History

Current Version

Earlier Versions

Version Release Date Remarks
2.0 1-Nov-2008 First public release
1.0 15-Sep-2007 Beta

How to find out what version you have

Have you already installed Erlang Library for Excel and want to know its version number?  Proceed as follows:

  1. Start Excel.
  2. Make sure that the Excel add-in A_Erlang.xla is loaded.  (Otherwise, you will not be able do the next step.)
  3. Open the C calculator window (Erlang C Performance Calculator).  How?
  4. In the calculator window, move the mouse cursor until it hovers over the large letter "C" near the lower left corner of the calculator form.  A tooltip window will pop up telling you your software version number and build date.


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